1-2-3 Pose!

1-2-3 Pose!

What is it?

In this quick-thinking game, players create spontaneous frozen poses.

How to Play:

Begin standing. Jump three times, counting 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... as you jump. On the fourth landing, strike a pose. The facilitator calls out a topic for the pose, such as an emotion, a situation, or a character.


In a one-on-one, in-person setting, both mentee and mentor should jump and pose in each round. Consider passing the responsibility for naming the kind of pose back and forth.


Play together, as described above.


This is a great chance to break the ice about standing up and moving as your character. While the game may at first seem best for younger students, it can also shake the seriousness out of older ones, too.


When players are in-person, this game can be a warm-up for an improv game where players will step into their character's shoes, and/or serve as an alternate for



With a very young group, sometimes it can be helpful to pre-tape x's around the room to make it clear where they will pause and jump.

Alternate Uses:

Brainstorming: Start with a topic. Alternate turns, jumping and then calling out your idea.

Character Gesture: Start with an emotion word. Play a few rounds for each emotion, coming up with different ways a character might stand or move while feeling that way.